Troy Bohlke (Arizona entrepreneur) is pleased to announce that he will be soon acquiring to merge it into the family of marketing companies that he currently owns, as part of the ongoing growth of Troy Bohlke Enterprises. Since 2010, Mr. Bohlke has worked directly alongside of CEO and founder of Content-Author, Michael Lazar. Together, the duo has formed numerous companies that today stand strong in the marketing and PR world in Phoenix, Arizona.


10 Day Publicity

Michael Lazar and Troy Bohlke originally teamed up in 2010 to form a public relations and marketing firm called 10 Day Publicity. Today, the firm proudly serves countless clients nationwide, helping them to attain the publicity and marketing credibility and brand recognition that they deserve. An integral aspect of that is providing authority copywriting for the various client projects that Troy Bohlke Enterprises undertakes. With the acquisition of Content-Author, the entity will be absorbed into the 10 Day game plan for all future and ongoing endeavors.


“I am thrilled to be making the acquisition of,” Troy Bohkle stated in a recent interview regarding the purchase. Michael and I have worked together for several years, and I have never seen better work or of higher quality than the work he consistently delivers on a daily basis, and in a timely manner. We’ve made a fabulous team thus far, and I look forwards to ongoing projects with him now and well into the future.”


Mr. Bohlke is an Arizona native, and is perhaps best known for his original marketing company, Niche Focus Media. After the company was dissolved in 2009, he set out to create a newer, better and more boutique and client-focused entity. That’s when he and Michael connected through various client channels and forged a strong game plan. Today, several years later, he’s appointed Michael as the CEO of 10 Day Enterprises, and as the standing public relations expert for Troy Bohlke Enterprises.


The two plan to issue a major press release in the near future to announce the purchase of by 10 Day, and their plans for the business in the months to come as a joint entity.